Chi-Do Chi Healing is a specialised art arising from Wei Chi Lau Fa, projection of Chi energy or Fa Jin for health and well being.  An art that will take more than 20 years to learn and incorporates aspects of both Chinese and Western Medicines. The modern terminology of "Mindfulness" has been known for millenia and the power of the mind, intent and focus are all taught in these classes.

The art has been with the Master, Tony Hardiman since he was a child and has been taught to students since 1995.  When asked to teach by his eminent peers,  he responded 'How do you teach something that has no language, gives not a jot whether a human can understand it,  pre-exists all matter and is the primordial source of life, the universe and everything in it.'  In the words of Lau Tse, "The Tao that can be described is not the true Tao."

Taoism is a way of thinking and Tony does not subscribe to the notion of it being a religion.  One may easily be a Christian, Hindu, Sikh or Muslim and think in the manner of Taoism. It is an acceptance of all things, all persons rights to exist and believe in a faith system or not.  In ancient Pagan "Do no harm".

Our Master decided to create a form of movements based on a lifetime of working with Chi energy and a good understanding of how it is manifested for good.  That form is the Chi-Do Chi Kung 26 form taught to students each Thursday evening at The Chi Clinic from 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

It is essential for one to practice both the healing arts and the martial arts for a fully balanced, compassionate and self confident attitude that may engender true absolute focus and "Intent" to the exclusion of extraneous thought.  Only then may Chi be used to full effect.   Many come to the class for insight and the meditations, the camaraderie with others of like mind and the friendly interaction, a relaxed atmosphere and the "Healing Circle".  Students are taught about crystals, 'Hands of Light", the value of placebo, how to talk a person well or laying on of hands.

Essentially, the internal alchemy follows the European Earth Air, Fire, Water and Aether and each element is felt. The basic meditation practices lead to a depth of understanding of this most anclent concept of "oneness".  There is only one energy and whatever or whoever created it is a matter of opinion.   However it came to be is wonderful.

In classes and treatments we see thousands from all over the world.   We meet in harmony and peace, promulgating international accord through respect and compassion.

The Healing Circle is performed as required or, once or twice a year with special events where the circle is enacted for special occasions.