In this page will be shown simple meditations that should be practiced when able to afford the time to do so in a quiet, calm surrounding with the phone off the hook and no-one likely to call and disturb you.  For the first, the Breath Meditation one is seated and adopts a 'Mudra" with the index fingers touching to the thumb or any of the hand positions of Daoist or Buddhist practices.

One should have eaten an hour or two beforehand and not need to drink water. No caffeine or other stimulants within 4 hours and no alcohol afterwards for 24 hours.

Always be aware that a novice meditator may experience a release of emotions and basically, may have a deep release of tension and stress.  It is best to attend one of our classes on a Thursday evening to learn how to do this with care.

Breath or Prana is the Life Force of energy cultivation and balance.  It is the primordial energy that all creatures need.   If one asks, 'What is important in this life?' I would reply "Hold your breath for 15 minutes, then tell me what is important". 

When we start from this premise, that without breath nothing matters we may put our life experiences into perspective.

__________  Meditation of the Breath__________

So, sitting quietly, hands rested and shoulders relaxed start to breath in through the nose.  Be mindful of the change of temperature at the tip of the nostrils, across the septum into the throat and down into the lungs.  Breath many times to feel these changes and direct the mind when breathing out to "Let Go" of anything that is giving rise to stress or anxiety.  Breath out through the nose or if that is not comfortable, breath with the mouth.

Feel the Good air in your lungs and start to inhale bright white light, taking goodness and nourishment to all parts of the body.

Follow the air into your lungs, then to your blood and take the blood to all the organs of your body, nourishing and replenishing, bringing relaxation and goodness to all parts of your body and spirit.

Take the goodness to your hips and legs, into your feet and toes then to your spine, chest, shoulders, arms and hands.  As you breath out let go anything that disturbs you and watch it drift away as one would watch smoke from a small candle.  Detach and take the breath to your neck and head then start to step away.  Become a casual observer of your thoughts and then go in your mind to the beach, the woods or the mountains, any place where you feel most happy.

Get your thoughts away and let the body heal.  It has been doing this very well for millennia and if you get your thoughts out of the way, the body can do what nature intends.

Then after, 5 or 10 minutes take a deep breath and bring your mind back into you body, wriggle the toes and legs, hands and arms. Stretch and pat the energy into your body, massage the head and eyes gently with the palms.

Talk with friends and take the feeling of relaxation to every part of your life.

Any problems, ask me.  Good Chi to all.  Tony