A worthwhile life in Tai Chi and Martial Arts is built on sound principles”

In the interests of safety for the students having regard for the physicality and capability of beginner to advanced all exercises should be done with care, emphasising the need to warm the body thoroughly before training.  Hence it is expected that all students arrive 10 mins before the class is due to start and warm up.   All exercises are designed with Muscle Changing and Tendon Strengthening Chi Kung in all movements developing into Enhanced Internal Fa Jin projecting to External.   Wei Chi Lau Fa is taught for Health Preservation and the ability to use this for Healing others.

Commencement.. Zhan Zhuang,Basic posture, squats, Leg raises and balance exercises.

Co-ordination sets.. Sweeping through into Dragon Breath and alternation of posture.

Hip sets.. Strengthen abdominal musculature, lumbar spine and relaxed movement.

Abdomen sets and development of internal power.

Breathing sets and differentiation of Upper chest, lower chest, orthodromic, bellows and skin breathing.

Shoulder and arms sets including torsional and rotational with spiralling of the whole body.

Neck and head.

All to be done well with INTENT and power, not simply strength.

"Parry, block, Strike" is probably the quickest and most effective response to a front punch and offers many opening strikes opportunity.

Following on from the basic stretching and warming the muscles is taught three sets of "Press".  This is fundamental to the geometry and "rooting" postures to enable full expression of the techniques.

The "Cobra" defence and strike is a universal means of using the attack to the abdomen to advantage.  The throw finish is potentially devastating and should be used with care.

The "Mantis" teaches us to wait and not presume the outcome of an attack.  It teaches us to "Yield" - "Conserve" and "Strike" following the line of attack and is entirely flexible with hundreds of applications.

"Tagging the bull" is to allow the force of the attack to go by and use it to advantage. 

"Irimi Nage" follows this and the follow down with restraints or a powerful throw will prove to be very effective in many instances.

"Tiger" is a deflection enabling close proximity and multiple defence/ Attack within the same movement.

The syllabus is vast yet comprises 6 fundamental principles.

The teaching is designed to enable any student to go anywhere in the world and be able to train in any style.  

Our fully qualified Black belt instructors are Master Tony Hardiman 5th Dan. Vicky Ahern-Hardiman 2nd Dan in 2007,  Paul Smith 2nd Dan in 2008 and James Norman 2nd Dan in June 2018.  All are highly experienced and excellent teachers.  No Chi-Do Black belt is ever issued with less than 7 years training and 1,000 hours of tuition.

Safety is an important aspect of the training but you must train well within your physical and emotional capabilities and show no "Ego".  The techniques are highly effective and dangerous if used in anger or vengeance.  Respect for one's self and others is crucial.

The following video is in two parts beginning with the balance exercises then the muscle strengthening.